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Among Women 260: Divine Mercy and Finding Grace Where We Are

I’m back with a Holy Week podcast episode that talks about the extraordinary graces that come to us through Jesus, the Divine Mercy. On this episode of Among Women...

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Among Women Espresso Shot #47 – Nunc Coepi

I’m back after an unexpected hiatus with Episode 47 of the Among Women “Espresso Shot.”  Today’s topic: Nunc Coepi (“Now I begin.”) In this short podcast, I describe the spiritual...

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Among Women 259: The Care and Feeding of Your Prayer Life

A mid-summer Among Women podcast about one of the most important subjects for a Christian—our prayer life! This topic is dear to my heart. The care and feeding of...

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Among Women 258: Secrets of the Sacred Heart

Ramping up for the feast of the Sacred Heart on June 11, in this latest episode of Among Women, we’re diving deep into devotion of the Sacred Heart with author...

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The Top 25 Among Women Podcasts – Listener Favorites!

Here’s the list! You voted for them by the number of downloads you’ve selected over the years. There’s a wide variety of topics here, so take your time and...

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Back after a hiatus! Among Women 257: Called By Name

Life can get complicated from time to time and we have to know when to pause … I explain some of that in my recent podcast—a clear case of...

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Among Women 265: Avoiding Overcommitment

I’m happy to share the latest episode of Among Women. In the past year, I’ve been trying to avoid burnout. The coronavirus pandemic has brought scheduling challenges and changes...

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Kicking off the new year with a podcast series on Mary’s titles and feast days

Hello and happy new year! As we open 2021, I feel led to a back-to-basics approach with Among Women, and I’ll be doing an “espresso shot” series throughout the...

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Wishing you joy… amidst it all …

I have no deep wisdom to share as we wrap up 2020. Other than this: we are already in the new year and we ought to embrace it… it...

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Catching up with Among Women — 2 podcasts in recent weeks!

I don’t know about you, but life seems to have sped up on me. As I review my schedule I know it is related to my increased workload at...

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